Desired Gun, pre-alpha v1.0.9

Greeting to all heisters from any region.

In this pre-alpha 1.0.9 version,

You could spend the money to buy your desired Gun for your squad. Mix and match the squad gun loadout to fit into your play style.

Here is the weapons price list.

Weapon        Price  
Pump Shotgun$60.000
Desert Eagle$10.000

The way I see it, I would recommend Dragunov for a better and longer view of aim distance. Moreover, it’s cheaper and the damage is currently the highest for its single bullet.

Here are some screencaps from the current build.


Map in Preparation Plan


Minimap Information


Buy Weaponry


Allies Go First


Check the more detailed update log below.


Every Day is Payday.


Update Log:

  • Now can spend the money, to buy weapons
  • Polished preparation plan and minimap
  • Ally voluntarily goes straight enter the room, right after you open the door
  • Added more vaults in level three
  • Ally is able to avoid a landmine or passing through the laser alarm
  • Ally can detect whether the view is obscure or not before shooting


Resolved Issue:

  • C4 not spawn after ally planting near the destructible wall


Known Issue:

  • Ally trying to backstab a turret


Do you have any installation issues, bugs or even an awesome idea???

please kindly inform us at our community Discord or post a community topics.


Thank you to all heisters who have helped report bugs, sending crash logs or posting them on the Discord server or by DM. You are all rock 🔥!!!

developer note:

  • currently limited to android platform version 5.1 (lollipop) only
  • everyone is allowed to record the gameplay as your social media content or review



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